Comedian Alex Stein played trans swimmer inspired by Lia Thomas at Texas city council meeting

Lia Thomas and her NCAA success are a very serious topic – mostly because of the long-term implications allowing her to compete with biological women might have. But more importantly, in this day and age it’s increasingly not ok to joke about paradoxical situations.

One comedian to challenge this norm is Alex Stein. Stein recently brought Lia Thomas type character to the big stage and took to performing it during a Texas city council meeting.

Stein’s efforts turned out to be fruitful and he ultimately went viral.

Prior to Stein, comedian and podcaster Joe Rogan made an interesting observation regarding Thomas.

The conversation between Rogan and guest Monty Franklin addressed the case of satire account Babylon Bee getting banned off of twitter and went on to talk about Thomas.

“I think if we’re going to be really inclusive, meaning, you know, you’re going to accept people across the board for whoever they are, whatever they do, no matter what, which I think we should, you should be able to joke about things too. And if you can’t joke that someone used to be a man, if you’re not even allowed to talk about anymore, now it’s forbidden. And you get in trouble for even questioning. That seems kind of crazy,” Rogan started the discussion.

“It seems kind of crazy when someone like really looks like a man. And you can’t even say that anymore. Like you’re not allowed to bring it up. Like okay, this swimmer, the swimmer from Penn State that’s dominating and crushing records. And just won an NCAA, just won, number one was was number 400-something as a male. Was, was swimming as a male a f—ing year ago, becomes a woman. And now is number one. If you can’t joke about that, you can’t say well…” Rogan makes a point about how absurd this scenario is.

Rogan went on to make another excellent point – the Lia Thomas scenario might actually be hurting the transgender cause due to the fact that this is blatantly seen as cheating.

“He’s another point. Maybe that’s causing more harm to the transgender cause than it is good.  Because you’re forcing this into into society in a way that’s gonna make people resentful. There’s some people that should be treated with dignity and respect that transition, they’re now going to be considered in the same way that this person is considered where they think of her as a cheater, they think of her as like cheating against these other biological females. ”