Colby Covington sparks controversy with Lebron James call-out during ufc 296 media day

Amidst UFC 296 media day, Colby Covington made headlines by directing a controversial rant at NBA icon LeBron James.

During his speech, Covington urged LeBron James to consider leaving the United States if he harbored animosity towards the nation. He specifically suggested James venture to China, referencing the alleged utilization of sweatshop labor to augment his wealth.

Challenging LeBron, Covington emphasized: “If you hate America so much and you don’t like this country that gave you a billion dollars, leave it or come deal with me. Go to China, go to the sweatshops that you employ all these laborers. Use these women and pay them pennies on the dollar to make your millions. F–k you, Lebron James, you’re a coward. You’re a spineless coward, and you’re a b—-.”

Undoubtedly, Covington delivered these remarks while sporting a Donald Trump-inspire outfit.

Well this is not the first time Covington has directed an attack at LeBron James. Before his match against Jorge Masvidal at UFC 272, Colby Covington made the decision to make some controversial remarks. He complimented the US military and insulted LeBron James by calling him a coward.

Colby stated: “I want to give a sincere thank you to the actual heroes and famous people in this nation before I leave. Not like LeBron James, who is an awakened, spineless coward. I’m referring to our first responders, police enforcement, and military, who are all heroes. Good luck to every one of you. Best of luck to the USA.”

Recently, Covington publicly acknowledged his admiration for social media influencer Tate. Like Covington, Tate takes on a controversial attitude on purpose in order to attract as many fans as possible.

Covington stated in an exclusive interview with James Lynch: “I think that people are trying to paint them in a bad light and project something onto them that’s not true. I have no problems with those guys, I actually look up to those guys, I think they’re very well-spoken and, you know, I try and model myself a little bit sometimes like those guys.”