Bare-knuckle boxer suffers nasty arm injury after being knocked down in title clash

Lorenzo Hunt is a renowned bare-knuckle boxer who aimed to etch his name in BKFC history. On Saturday night, he competed to become the first-ever three-weight champion.

His aspirations came crashing down during the BKFC KnuckleMania 4 co-main event, where he faced heavyweight champion Mike Terrill.

Hunt is a former cruiserweight and middleweight BKFC titleholder with an impressive 11-1 record, stepped into the ring with determination. In a surprising turn of events, Hunt was swiftly dropped by a precise uppercut from Terrill in the opening round.

Though it seemed like a simple flash knockout, he was seriously hurt as he tumbled to the ground and grabbed his left arm behind his back. In only 108 seconds, Hunt’s elbow dislocated. The referee then intervened to wave off his bout with Terrill.

Footage of the distressing incident spread rapidly across social media platforms. This ended up eliciting strong reactions from fans worldwide.

Some of the comments were as follows:


“That was f****** disgusting.”

“That was nasty.”

Hunt chose not to go to the hospital right away, choosing instead to wait for the formal ruling to be made while standing in the center ring with his arm restrained.

After the bout, he maintained that his opponent hadn’t really damaged him and that his unfortunate injury was the only reason he couldn’t finish the match.

Hunt stated: “I wasn’t hurt really bad, I could have got up and kept fighting. My arm dislocated. It didn’t work out for me tonight. Every division is still on notice. You guys will see me again soon.”

Terrill was determined not to let Hunt’s injuries overshadow his success, especially because he was leading the match and had just earned a strong knockout.

He stated: “Obviously, Lorenzo broke his arm there. I won and that’s great. I like Lorenzo, but I did drop him with the uppercut when he broke his arm.”

As Hunt starts on the journey to recovery, Terrill sets his sights on future challenges. He is set to eager to defend his heavyweight title.