Claressa Shields interested in Cris Cyborg showdown in MMA

Claressa Shields has recently diverted her attention from the boxing ring to the MMA world. Since her last decisive victory over Maricela Cornejo, Shields has not been seen in a boxing ring.

Shields has been aiming for a significant bout, eyeing a dream match against the highly regarded Cris Cyborg.

Embracing a new phase in her career, Claressa Shields recently inked a deal with the PFL. This move marked one of the many strategic moves by the promotion this year.

PFL notably made a signifiant move by aquiring Bellator this year. They now want to manage the promotion as a distinct organization. But there has been discussion about combatants like Cris Cyborg switching.

Clarissa Shields has a record of 1-1 in her MMA career. Shields has only faced one opponent in her MMA career—a Brazilian. However, she thiinks that a match against Cyborg will be the best for her.

In an interview, the boxer praised Cris Cyborg highly. Although matches involving well-known combatants like Kayla Harrison and Larissa Pacheco seem interesting, she thinks the Bellator champion is the greatest of the three.

Clarissa said: “The fight that I see – it’s the scariest fight for me in MMA – would be me vs. Cris Cyborg. She’s a GOAT in MMA, and I’m a GOAT in boxing, and we both have multiple world titles in our field.”

She continued, “I feel that fight right there would be the biggest fight and a fight that I would get up for. Listen, I would get up for a fight against Kayla Harrison or Larissa Pacheco. Those girls are badasses and good at what they do.”

Expressing her anticipation for a showdown with Cyborg, Shields praised Cyborg’s exceptional skills. She said: “But Cris just seems like she’s the beast… If I had to pick a dream fight, it would be against her. I feel she’s better than Kayla and Larissa.”

In addition, the Bellator women’s featherweight champion will face Kelsey Wickstrum in her boxing comeback in January. On the other hand, the boxing champion has not yet scheduled her comeback to the cage or the ring.