Chimaev delivered a war cry in Russian expressing desire to pick up a rifle and go to Palestine

Following his victory over former UFC welterweight champion Kamaru Usman at the UFC 294 PPV event he seized the moment on the mic to express his fervent desire to play a significant role in the ongoing armed conflict between Israel and Palestine.

Chimaev initially shared a call for peace in English, questioning the religious divide on the Earth.

“People, you know what’s going on in the world right now.”

“I wasn’t happy because I had to fight in a cage this week while watching kids die. It doesn’t matter where in the world: in Ukraine, Syria, Afghanistan, Palestine, USA, it doesn’t matter where it happens.”

“When children die, it’s hard. I love children… I have a boy, three-months-old is waiting for me at home.”

‘Borz’ added: “When someone dies, I don’t know what to say… Muslims, Christians, Jews, it doesn’t matter.”

“Please, people, be together. Let us live in this world and let us be happy. Thank you, guys!”

Chimaev has been an outspoken advocate for the Palestinian cause.

Addressing the Chechen community in Russian he shared a very different message.

Chimaev stated (translated): “May Allah be pleased with all of you Chechens, May Allah strengthen you all. Today a lot of you have come here and a lot of you are watching along at home. President, may Allah be pleased with you, may He strengthen you, standing with you and fighting for you isn’t that hard.”

Chimaev’s impassioned plea continued, reflecting his unwavering commitment.

“If Allah allows me to, Wallahi I will go there as the first person. By Allah, give me a rifle and let me go to Palestine. Allah be pleased with you. Wallahi, I’ve not been raised to be in here wearing shorts. Do you Chechens not know the heart we have in our body? If I get permission to fight for Allah, I’m ready to die for him. I’m not as worried about dying as I am worried about my Muslim brothers.”

Khamzat Chimaev has a perfect 13-0 record in the UFC including victories in both weight divisions. With 11 victories under his belt, Chimaev has five submission victories.