Bryce Mitchell requests hometown stop supporting his ex-girlfriend’s business after alleging she destroyed his fruit orchard

Bryce Mitchell recently faced a disheartening incident that left him not only bereaved but concerned for his safety. While he was in Las Vegas for cornering his teammate Contender Series, his ex-girlfriend callously destroyed his fruit trees.

Bryce Mitchell admits that losing his trees was disappointing, but he also worries about his safety and what else his ex-girlfriend may be able to do.

In a heartfelt video message, Mitchell bared his distress and expressed his apprehensions about his ex-girlfriend’s intentions. He said: “So I’m outta town for my fight and my coward ex-girlfriend came by my house and vandalized my house yesterday. She destroyed all of my fruit trees.”

“Now, my ex-girlfriend runs a tattoo shop on Booth Street, and for the love of god, if you’re not evil. If you’re not a coward, don’t give her your business. The tattoo shop on Booth Street. The woman that runs that came by my place and destroyed all my fruit trees.”

“I’ve been working on those trees for years and she came by last night and killed them all. I’m making this post because this shit is evil and I’m begging the community of Searcy to help me.”

Mitchell’s voice trembled with urgency as he implored the community of Searcy for aid. He revealed the extent of the threat, fearing not only for his own life but for the safety of his beloved animals and his wife, who were alone at home during his absence. The gravity of the situation escalated as Mitchell disclosed the alarming threats directed towards his pets and his very existence.

“Guys, I’m out of town and my animals and my wife is at home by herself. Please, I need my neighbors to help. This evil woman, she’s going to come by. She’s threatened to kill my dogs, she’s threatened to kill me.”

“She’s threatened to kill all my animals and I’m telling you, last night she came over and killed my trees. Now that my trees are gone, she’s gonna try to kill me. She’s gonna try to kill the dogs or she’s gonna try to kill Erin.”

“For the love of god, can the people of Searcy please help me? And she runs a tattoo shop on Booth Street and that’s really all the information you need to know, but I’m telling you. This woman is evil and Searcy, I don’t even know how, but I need your help. I need your help, Searcy. Please. While I’m gone, this woman is going to try to burn down my shit and I don’t know what else I can do about it. But my neighbors, please help me. Please.”

As Mitchell prepares to step back into the Octagon on September 23rd, he places his faith in the watchful eyes of the community.

This upcoming match against Dan Ige on September 23rd marks Mitchell’s return to the Octagon. It’s a pivotal moment for him, following his first career loss to Ilia Topuria last December.