Bryce Mitchell cleared after suffering convulsive attacks after vicious KO from Emmett

UFC featherweight Josh Emmett scored an impressive first round knockout against Bryce Mitchell at Saturday’s UFC 296 event, but found it difficult to celebrate the victory after seeing his opponent convulsing on the canvas.

The knockout came just over two minutes into the opening round, as Emmett caught Mitchell with a crushing left hook that instantly floored the star. But rather than jumping around in jubilation, Emmett said he felt immediate concern and regret when he saw Mitchell trembling uncontrollably from the effects of the knockout blow.

“Yeah. It’s and and I I feel like I’ve delivered some bad knockouts before, and it’s yeah, it it takes the the excitement away,” Emmett told reporters at the post-fight press conference. “I I I didn’t know it was that hurt, then I looked over, and I see that. And I’m like, shit. I can’t. I can’t celebrate.”

Emmett went on to express sympathy and well wishes for Mitchell, who moments earlier had been trying to take Emmett’s head off just as aggressively. But seeing his opponent in a clearly distressed state seemed to make Emmett question the violent nature of the sport, at least briefly.

“You know what I mean? Because, yeah, it’s tough because I imagine what his coaches are looking at. You know, they’re seeing him in like a very vulnerable spot, and I can’t even imagine his his family. You know what they’re thinking,” Emmett said.
At the UFC 296 post-fight press conference, company President Dana White provided updates on the status of injured featherweight Bryce Mitchell.

Addressing concerns over Mitchell after his fight was stopped due to seizure producing KO, White confirmed “He’s been released. He’s good. You know, sure he’s not great, but he’s good.”

Mitchell was transported to a local hospital during Saturday night’s event, but White was relieved to share that follow-up testing came back clean. “He he passed all his tests and He he’s he’s okay. Good. Good,” said the UFC head honcho.

In more positive news, White raved about newly minted interim champ Emmett’s incredible knockout victory over Mitchell.

“Josh Emmet, holy s**t. I mean, that punch was so loud and devastating and, you know, and then the whole undercard. I mean, the undercard was incredible,” he glowed.

The stunning left-hook finish marked yet another epic highlight reel stoppage for the hard-hitting top contender. White and company rewarded Emmett’s efforts with an extra $50,000 performance bonus.

Emmett admitted that it was hard to celebrate victory seeing Bryce convulsing: