Bryce Mitchell accused Alexander Volkanovski of hand picking his opponents

UFC star Bryce Mitchell is known for his controversial remarks on Flat Earth and many other conspiracies. He recently had some harsh words to say regarding UFC Featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovski.

Mitchell told ESPN that Volkanovski has cherry-picked easy opponents and boasted that he could knock out the champ:

“I can knock Alexander Volkanovski the f**k out for $10 million. I’m tired of him talking about there being no other contenders. He ain’t fighting the toughest motherf***ers, that’s what’s up with him. He’s getting the easy fights and these contenders are taking each other out.”

Mitchell also claimed that he was underpaid, considering the caliber of his opponents.

“He’s getting paid 100 times what I’m getting paid to fight motherf***ers that ain’t even as hard as me. That’s what’s going on. Alexander Volkanovski wants to fight an easy contender? I’m right here. Somebody, he can just beat up for easy money? I’m here baby, easy money.”

This is particularly funny out of Mitchell considering that he’s expressed regret about not pulling out of Topuria bout at UFC 282 due to a bout of flue he was suffering.

When the buzzer sounded it was clear Mitchell was outclassed in the striking department.

Mitchell first ate a leg kick that clearly made an impression. He tried for a takedown in Round 1, but Topuria’s grappling is quite a site to behold and he managed to get right back up and free himself.

Mitchell landed another takedown – this time he landed inside TOpuria’s guard. He attempted to throw ground and pound from this position but had limited success. The subjective impression was that Topuria had won the round.

In the 2nd round, Topuria pressured Mitchell. Mitchell again shot for a takedown. Topuria stuffed it effectively. But things started quickly deteriorating for Mitchell who was eating significant shots in between grappling exchanges that clearly had him dazed.

In the end Topuria opted to try for a arm triangle near the fence and was successful in securing the tap.

Official Result: Ilia Topuria def. Bryce Mitchell by submission (arm-triangle choke), Round 2, 3:10

But what we were all unaware of, is that it was so bad that Mitchell actually decided to spontaneously quit MMA backstage.