Brendan Schaub says Michael Bisping is the Rosa Parks of UK MMA

Brendan Schaub is a gift that keeps on giving. Straight from the brain that wondered if Adolf Hitler was dead in 2020 comes another banger. This time the UFC star turned MMA pundit compared the pitfalls of becoming United Kingdom’s first UFC champion to overcoming racism.

“Granted Bisping is 100% British as the reason why Leon Edwards is where he is today. Don’t get it twisted, the UK scene would not be anywhere without what Michael Bisping has done – he is the pioneer he’s the Rosa Parks of British fighters!”

Schaub told the audiences of the Schaub show. For those unaware Rosa Parks refused the bus driver’s request to stop sitting in the ‘colored section’ so that White passengers could be accommodated there as well. She spent the remainder of her life as a political activist and civil rights leader.

Leon ‘Rocky’ Edwards became the Welterweight champion in spectacular fashion over the weekend, having defeated Kamaru Usman via headkick with under a minute left on the clock.

Edwards was visibly emotional and shaken. In his speech after the win he stressed how inspirational his victory was.

“It’s been a long, long four years. You know, doubting myself I couldn’t do it. ”

“I’ve been down before, look at me now.”

“I thought it’s possible we can win about from the UK. I told you not to doubt it.”

” God is on my side. I said it all week. I felt like this is my moment. Everything happened in the past two years. The pandemic all of it. We’ll come back and do it. There is no ring rust, I told you that already. Now look at me now. Champion of the world. I was born in Jamaica with nothing. I lived in a wooden shed, in truth. Look at me now. ”

Edwards also addressed the differences between himself and Bisping at the presser.

“For me, that’s history now is never been done before. But like I said, it’s more for the people that grew up where I grew up. You know, my path was wrong. I know I felt it you know and even though I put on like a toughness, I felt the pressure I felt the doubt I felt mo saying calm and humble. ”

“I’m from the trenches like I said in my posts on interview, I was born with nothing you know, we had to claw our way open, emigrate immigrate to the UK to make a better life for yourself and I was able to change my life by getting getting into UFC you know, my mom signed me up to MMA gym at age 17 to keep my trouble and a youth to treat the change or family’s future in which is I am proud of myself and proud of everything I have achieved and it’s amazing.”

Unlike Bisping who was training out of the US, Edwards remains in Birmingham with his team.