Brendan Schaub launches conspiracy theory tying UFC into Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson

Former UFC heavyweight Brendan Schaub recently shared his insights on the upcoming boxing match between Mike Tyson and Jake Paul. He suggested that it could pave the way for the collaboration between the UFC and Netflix.

In a recent discussion on his channel, Schaub expressed his views. He said that he thinks the Tyson vs. Paul bout is an opportunity for the UFC to forge ties with Netflix.

Schaub said that the match would not go as planned, particularly because both combatants would be wearing 16-ounce gloves. Schaub stated that despite Paul’s objections, the UFC may use his boxing bout as a “trojan horse” to get access to Netflix.

He said: “I would bet my bottom dollar… There’s no winner. Mike Tyson’s not going to get embarrassed, Jake Paul’s not going to get embarrassed, they’re in 16-ounce gloves. But again, I tell you guys this, this is the Trojan horse to get the UFC into Netflix. That’s all this is, it’d be the most watched fight of all time, that there’s no finish, there’s no decision, it’s kind of this weird fight, and all it is is a Trojan horse to get the UFC to Netflix.”

Speaking further about the 16-ounce gloves, Schaub said that boxers practice with them in order to prevent doing significant harm. Nevertheless, the former heavyweight is certain that Tyson and Paul wouldn’t harm one another until one of them makes a very accurate and powerful shot.

Schaub stated: “It’s what you train with. Now you can knock people out in training, [if you] catch them right, so there’s still a factor there where if this is 100% real fight… Jake were to catch Tyson on the chin or Tyson catches Jake on the chin, with 16-ounce gloves you could still do some damage but nowhere near like 10-ounce gloves, not even close.”

On July 20, Tyson vs. Paul will take place and be available to watch live on Netflix.