Brendan Schaub Showcases Why He’s The Worst Interviewer On TV

Brendan Schaub is one of those great examples of failing upwards. At different times in his life Schaub aspired to be an NFL player, a UFC champion, a comedian and a commentator. Out of all of those – he’s inadvertently most successful as a comedian. As his takes provide never ending fodder for mockery. One of the most common Schaub failings is talking over people – or like in this last case not letting them answer the questions he’s posing.

Recently Schaub hosted Bellator star Corey Anderson on the Food Truck Diaries. Food Truck Diaries are a Showtime production – that gets posted to another Showtime collaboration with Schaub the Below the Belt youtube channel.

Check out this latest failing below:


This comes less than a week after last major Schaub fluster – that time he referred to two time Olympic Judo Gold Medalist Kayla Harrison as Kamala Harrison.

And in case you want more here’s a super compilation of Schaub being the worst interviewer :


Gaethje calls out Schaub for “sloppy” comment:

Interruptus Inferiorus: