Brandon Moreno debunks Henry Cejudo claim of him insulting Brazilian crowd

Brandon Moreno has just responded to Henry Cejudo calling him insensitive towards Brazilians. This happened after Moreno’s octagon interview after his win against Deiveson Figueiredo at UFC 283.

Moreno said the words “Viva Mexico, Perros”, which didn’t sit well with Cejudo. He said that Moreno was inferring to the crowd as “dogs” when he said the word “Perros.

The new champ then responded to Cejudo’s claims about him. He says that the “King of Cringe” misconstrued what he was trying to say. Moreno told CBS Sports:

“That message is not for the Brazilian people, that message was for my Mexican people. For example, in Mexico we say, ‘Hey perros!’ It’s like, ‘What’s up dog!’ I know you understand man, and it’s very sad that [Cejudo] said that.” he told

A Spanish sports broadcaster named Rodrigo Del Campo González backed Moreno and accused Cejudo of creating drama for no reason. He tweeted the following:

“‘Perro’ literally means ‘dude’ for us. ‘Viva México, perros’ is first a ‘clean’ way of saying ‘Viva México, cabrones’ and the ‘perros’ refers to your people. Brandon speaks Portuguese, where dog is ‘cachorro’. Now Henry knows ALL OF THIS and is just creating drama.”

It is obvious that Cejudo’s statement about Moreno has backfired on him. People are saying that Cejudo isn’t in touch with his Mexican roots.

A video has come up, which shows that Cejudo is unpatriotic towards his country of origin.

In that, he is doing a monologue in which he says that he is Latino-American. However, he says that he will never display the Mexican flag because he was born in the US, a country that has done a lot for him.

At the same time, there are images of the former two-division champion holding the American and Mexican flags in a promotional still.

One user criticized Cejudo by saying that “he’ll do anything for money. Pretends he cares about his culture and wore the flag for a bigger fanbase,”

Another said that “Cejudo is a joke, he only claims his Mexican heritage when it’s beneficial to him”.