Boxing superstar Ebanie Bridges lifts the veil on oddest fan requests including one about her toe clippings

Ebanie Bridges is the current IBF world bantamweight champion. But she’s also pursuing other options to monetize her infamy.

Recently, she has disclosed some of the oddest fan requests she’s received, shedding light on the peculiar world of her admirers. She’s not just a boxer; she’s become an internet sensation, and with that fame come some truly odd messages.

The 36-year-old athlete, who claimed the IBF bantamweight division title in March last year by defeating María Cecilia Roman, has managed to maintain her status as a champion. Along the way, she’s gathered an army of devoted fans who follow her online posts.

Yet, it’s not all admiration and praise. Bridges recently revealed some of the strange and unsettling requests she’s encountered from her followers. Among the oddities are love letters, but it goes far beyond that.

During an episode of Pub Talk, she shared, “I get love letters, all kinds of stuff. I get asked for bath water, toenail clippings, sweat.”

However, Bridges doesn’t let the eccentricities of her fanbase faze her. She also addressed the issue of trolls and jealousy that often accompany success.

She confidently stated, “I ignore it [troll messages]. Anyone who is successful, they’re going to get the jealousy, the hate, people will try to drag you down. That’s just normal. The people talking s***, they don’t know me, so why should I sit there and get emotional and bothered by someone who has never met me? I’m very secure within myself. I’ve been through hell and back in my life and I’m very secure, I love who I am.”

Bridges, who turned professional in 2019, has experienced significant success in the boxing world, winning her first five fights and currently boasting a four-bout win streak.

As for those unusual fan requests, she once humorously commented, “Give me your money, that’s my response! You want my stuff, then you’ve got to give me your money.” While she hasn’t sold her bathwater, she has entertained some offbeat requests, including selling dirty training socks.

In a previous interview, she stated, “It’s all side money at the end of the day, if they want to pay then it’s up to them. I don’t care really, as long as I’m putting food on my table and the bills are being paid, I’m happy.”

Despite the odd nature of some fan demands, Bridges remains unfazed, continuing to excel in her boxing career and embracing her unique online presence.