Boxing legend supports Ebanie Bridges: Trans inclusion should not be a thing in boxing

The inclusion of transgender women in boxing has sparked considerable debate and discussion in recent years. While instances of transgender women competing in combat sports remain relatively few, they have garnered significant attention within the sporting community.

One of the most prominent cases is that of Fallon Fox, who participated in MMA from 2012 to 2014 and achieved a record of 5-1. Another notable example is Patricio Manuel, a transgender man with a commendable 3-0 professional boxing record since his debut in 2018.

Earlier this year, Ebanie Bridges expressed her perspective on the matter. The ‘Blonde Bomber’ became one of the first high-profile boxers to advocate for transgender boxers to compete against athletes of their biological sex. Joining her in this stance is Carl Froch, a former boxing champion.

During a recent interview with SBS, Froch echoed Bridges’ viewpoint, stating:

“Trans women possess greater strength and power. While there may be exceptions with more masculine women or feminine men, we are specifically discussing trans women. It is unacceptable for a trans woman, born biologically male, to compete against a biologically female fighter. This practice should be unequivocally banned. I fully support Ebanie Bridges in her refusal to fight a trans woman. Transgender women, who were assigned male at birth, should not be allowed to participate in women’s sports under any circumstances.”

Ebanie Bridges Addresses Trans Women in Boxing In a candid interview last month, Ebanie Bridges reiterated her stance on boxing against transgender women.

When asked about the topic, the women’s boxing champion made it clear that she had no intention of facing a transgender woman in the ring. She further criticized the notion, drawing a parallel with the hypothetical situation of Mike Tyson transitioning and challenging opponents in the women’s division. Bridges stressed the need for separate divisions or competition leagues to address this issue.

Bridges expressed her opinion during the interview:

“No, I would never do that. I believe it is fundamentally wrong, not just in boxing but in all sports. Many women in sports who set records and achieve remarkable feats were not originally assigned female at birth. In boxing, where the goal is to inflict harm upon the opponent, it becomes even more inappropriate… It’s like suggesting that Mike Tyson suddenly identifies as a woman and competes against you—absolutely not! Perhaps transgender athletes should have their own space, dedicated divisions, or exclusive competitions.”