Boxing champion Ebanie Bridges insists Russell Brand ‘deserves a second chance’ amid serious allegations

Despite a number of sexual assault charges against him, Ebanie Bridges has supported Russell Brand and thinks the British comedian “deserves a second chance.”

In recent weeks, Russell Brand has faced a barrage of serious allegations which includes r*pe and sexual assault. Four women made complaints to the Sunday Times and Channel 4’s Dispatches program.

When women related their stories to newspapers and the BBC, a wave of other accusations came to light. So far, 10 or more have made public statements.

The claims are being looked into by Thames Valley Police and Scotland Yard. The comedian has vehemently denied any misconduct and claims to have proof to back up his claims. He referred to the allegations as a “mainstream media conspiracy.”

This has prompted Australian boxing champion Ebanie Bridges to come forward in support of Brand, asserting that he deserves a fair chance to defend himself.

She stated told interviewer.: “It’s hard for Russell Brand because of his past. “\

“He’s admitted to treating women badly in his books and audios.”

“He’s not anymore and he’s changed his life, making the step up from that person he was previously. I feel everyone deserves to have a second chance at life and make themselves better. But unfortunately, sometimes, if you do things in the past, they can come back and bite you.”

“I can’t really judge him, but he should be innocent until proven guilty, always. That’s how society is, sometimes they jump the gun, but hopefully it gets sorted out. It’s kind of like with all the drug testing and boxing, isn’t it? Everyone just jumps on it and they just tear you down.'”

According to the most recent complaint, one of the women accused him of being a “sexual predator.” Before they both accused the other of harassment in 2015, she lived close to Brand and became familiar with him.

According to reports, police previously looked into her accusations and rejected them. Officers are now re-examining the situation.

The woman allegedly contacted Thames Valley Police last week “with new information in relation to the harassment and stalking allegations.”