Boxing champion admits she’d be working at McDonald’s without OnlyFans

IBF female bantamweight champion Ebanie Bridges says that OnlyFans has kept her from working at McDonald’s after she suffered from a hand injury.

Ebanie Bridges made her debut on OnlyFans just before her last match in December 2022. Little did she know that this decision would become a pivotal point in her financial journey, considering the circumstances fate had in store for her.

Bridges demonstrated her prowess in the ring with a triumph over Shannon O’Connell. Unfortunately, her victory via TKO came at a cost—a hand injury.

The absence of her boxing paychecks could have resulted in an unwanted detour in her career trajectory, but a surprising avenue of income opened up for her.

In a recent interview, she candidly acknowledged that this unconventional platform was instrumental in maintaining her quality of life. Without it, she could have been working at McDonald’s to make ends meet. Bridges is one of the top 0.1 per cent of earners on OnlyFans.

In her conversation with LuckyBlock, Bridges painted a vivid picture of her journey to recovery and her aspirations for the future. While the absence of boxing paychecks could have deterred her, the stability offered by OnlyFans allowed her to focus on rehabilitation and future plans.

She said: “I haven’t had a pay cheque from boxing since December f**king 2022, so I suppose, thank f*** for OnlyFans, otherwise I’d be working at f***ing McDonald’s or something in order to support myself over here.”

She added: “So, thank God for OnlyFans, because it keeps me going, and it keeps me being able to train at the gym full time and saves me from not having to go get a second job because I’m not getting paid, because I’m not boxing. It just helps me with my life, it helps me set up my future.”

Bridges addressed critics who questioned her decision to join OnlyFans. She asserted that those who pass judgment would gain a different outlook if they could witness the unique and exclusive content she produces.

Although Bridges is eager is defend her title, it is not clear when she will make her return to the ring. She stated: “I don’t need boxing to make money. But that’s not the point, I have a bigger goal which is to be undisputed, and that keeps me focused on what I want to do, and that keeps me doing all these sacrifices day in and day out.”