Boxer Ryan Garcia calls out Jake Paul despite huge size discrepancy, Paul responds

Rising boxing star Ryan Garcia recently expressed his profound dissatisfaction over his role in introducing Jake Paul to the sport.

Paul stopped journeyman boxer Ryan Bourland in the first round of their match on Saturday night.

Following Paul’s swift victory over Ryan Bourland, Garcia was fueled by a sense of duty to uphold the sanctity of boxing. He is now determined to compete against Paul and potentially end his influencer boxing career.

Despite a weight difference of 50 pounds, Garcia wasted no time expressing his discontent. He cited Paul’s alleged ‘disrespect’ towards the sport as the primary motivation for a face-off.

After the bout, Garcia said that he regretted his role in introducing Jake Paul to boxing. He lamented in a voice message on Twitter: “I can’t do this sh–, I feel so f—- bad for introducing Jake Paul to boxing, I f—ed up, I can’t, he’s disrespecting my sport, he’s disrespecting everything. Call my team Jake, F U.”

Undeterred by Garcia’s sentiments, Jake Paul retorted during his press conference after the match. He dismissed Garcia’s concerns and justified his rising status in the boxing world.

Paul said: “That boy is getting that s*** straight from Colombia. You’ve gotta chill out. You seem like you’re losing your mind, acting thirsty and desperate…. Just chill bro. If you want to fight – that is light work. I am a better boxer than you.”

The brewing tension between Garcia and Paul unfolds against the backdrop of not just a personal clash but a clash of ideologies. Garcia represents traditional boxing and is intent on preserving the sport’s dignity. On the other hand, Paul has an unconventional approach and has rapidly risen in the influencer boxing scene. He seems unfazed by the criticism and now wants to make his mark in professional boxing.

As the verbal sparring continues, fans eagerly await a potential showdown between these two.