Boxer Floyd Mayweather shows off a 17 car collection

Boxing legend Floyd Mayweather has amazed fans once again with his remarkable collection of 17 sleek and stylish black supercars. Mayweather has earned over $800 million during his career and is renowned for his extravagant lifestyle and love for luxury vehicles.

Mayweather has an undefeated record of 50-0 during his career in the boxing ring. As a former five-weight world champion, he was involved in four of the top-five highest-selling pay-per-view matches in boxing history. His final professional match against UFC icon Conor McGregor showcased his dominance. His successful career allowed him to accumulate a huge fortune.

In a recent Instagram video, Mayweather proudly showcased his jaw-dropping assortment of black supercars. Mayweather says in the video: “I don’t know what we should take out tonight. We got so many choices but it’s always got to be black. Always bet on black, as you can see.”

How It Started Vs. How It’s Going. My first car was an Indy Barretta in 1994. Now I travel the world whenever I want to on my private jet. I never stopped believing, it’s all about Hard Work & Dedication.

The display commenced with three magnificent Ferraris, each exuding power and elegance. The video then transitioned to a collection Lamborghinis, including an Aventador valued at approximately over $300,000. Mayweather also owns an original McLaren F1, a car that was initially priced at $618,000 three decades ago. It has now soared in value to nearly 30 times its original worth.

As the video progressed, Mayweather unveiled his remarkable collection of Rolls Royce vehicles. He started with the exquisite Rolls Royce Dawn, valued at $356,000 . However, what stole the spotlight was the ‘Spirit of Ecstasy’ ornament gracing one of the car’s bonnets. This intricate ornament was crafted with platinum and diamonds and carries a jaw-dropping price tag of approximately $198,000. The Rolls Royce collection didn’t stop there, as Mayweather showed a luxurious Phantom valued at around $495,000.

Mayweather’s car collection extends beyond Rolls Royce, encompassing other high-end brands. Among his prized possessions are a stunning Bentley and a magnificent Mercedes-Maybach S 580. While Mayweather bid farewell to professional boxing, his financial empire continues to grow.

The retired boxer has embarked on a series of exhibition matches against influencers, kickboxers, and MMA competitors, earning millions from these lucrative matchups. These matches have taken place in prominent locations worldwide, including Japan, Dubai, and the UK. In his November exhibition matchup against YouTube boxer Deji, Mayweather pocketed a remarkable $25 million.

Mayweather’s next exhibition match promises to be captivating. Scheduled for June 11 in Florida, he will face off against the grandson of infamous New York mob boss John Gotti. Gotti III retired from MMA with a record of 5-1. Since then, the 30-year-old has switched to professional boxing and has won both of his matches.