Boxer Claressa Shields challenges Jake Paul to an intergender match

Claressa Shields is the reigning champion in women’s boxing. She recently set her sights on defeating the popular YouTuber-turned-boxer, Jake Paul.

During Saturday night’s electrifying match, Jake Paul showcased his endurance and skill as he went the full distance in a 10-round contest against former UFC star Nate Diaz.

While Jake Paul managed to knock down Diaz, he could not secure a knockout. This has caught the attention of none other than Claressa Shields. The boxing sensation issued a bold challenge to Paul for a thrilling bout.

Shields boldly wrote on Twitter: “Yes facts remains I’ll get Jake Paul too. The level that of skill being displayed is mediocre.”

This isn’t the first time Shields has called out Jake Paul. Back in 2021, she confidently asserted that she could win over him in a boxing match, citing her extensive experience sparring with male combatants of higher caliber.

Shields candidly told TMZ, “Jake Paul is making his money, he’s doing his thing, but stay away from us real fighters.”

“And anybody out there that say ‘Oh, Jake Paul will destroy her because she’s a woman’, … I’m the greatest woman! So, no, Jake Paul won’t do nothing with me and if he think he can, he can come see me.”

Despite Claressa Shields’ assertive comments and unwavering confidence, it’s understandable that many would find it highly improbable for Jake Paul to seriously entertain the idea of facing her in a match.

Shields butted heads with Paul plenty – with Paul’s management outing Shields for having asked to be on his undercard a while back.

Leaked emails uncovered by USA Today Sports+ show Shields’ team trying to contact Paul’s advisor Nakisa Bidarian.

“USA Today Sports+ reviewed a pair of emails sent last year to Paul’s promoter by Shields’ manager, Mark Taffet, and her promoter, Dmitry Salita. ”

In a March 15th email to Bidarian, Taffet (Shields’ manager) wrote:

“Claressa had a historic win … to become the first man or woman in the four-belt era to win an undisputed world title in two weight divisions. We are now beginning a plan for our next few fights, and would love to discuss out plan with you to see if Triller is interested in being the video platform of the world’s greatest female fighter. We would love to participate on your April 17 card if you have a slot available.”


During the press conference to promote her upcoming fight, Claressa Shields denied being aware of the emails.

“First of all, this isn’t about Jake Paul. This is about Claressa Shields and Ema Kozin,” said Claressa Shields.

“As it was said, I don’t email about this stuff. I have a manager and I have a promoter, their job is to make opportunities for me. What you need to know is I was supposed to be on a Mike Tyson and Roy Jones undercard, not ever under Jake Paul. Let’s get that clear. I don’t know what the emails said, and I really don’t care, but we’re not going to talk about that and give him the shine of this press conference,” added Shields.

Paul also shote down a $100,000 challenge from her previously.