Bisping roasts ‘Con man’ Jake Paul for cherry picking opponents

UFC commentator Michael Bisping has reached the pinnacle of frustration with Jake Paul’s recent antics. In the eyes of Bisping, Paul orchestrated yet another lackluster event over the weekend. He thinks that Paul deceived a significant number of spectators by defeating Ryan Bourland.

Venting on his YouTube channel, the former UFC middleweight champion spared no punches in criticising Jake Paul. In a candid reaction video, Bisping unveiled the facade behind Paul’s staged performance.

Bisping stated: “This was a handpicked, cherrypicked opponent for Jake Paul to beat up once again to continue the charade… The fight was uneventful, Ryan Borland never really showed up okay, the man was an Uber driver, working at Taco Bell, a laborer, I don’t know what he does, fair play to that guy, okay I am not here to rip on him, he was outmatched, he was under sized, knocked… in terms of just skill, technical ability, this wasn’t a fight. Jake Paul was always destined to win this fight and you are the suckers if you paid for this fight and I know most people didn’t.”

Bisping critiqued Paul’s approach, stating: “Swinging punches like an absolute maniac leaving openings to get countered all day long against a decent boxer. He doesn’t have that threat because he wasn’t going up against a trained pro.”

He further analyzed, “The man had a good record on paper but he hasn’t fought recently, he had one fight last year and before that, he hadn’t fought for four years. That means he’d given up on the dream, this was just a payday. He was paid $2 million which is phenomenal, I’m very, very happy for the man and I’m not trying to s*** on the opponent and I respect everyone that steps in there, but this is b*llsh*t okay. This man is a con man, he’s a fake.”

Bisping concluded that luring people into spending their hard-earned money on such a spectacle against non-elite boxing doesn’t legitimize Paul’s standing in the boxing world.

He said: “I’m not sitting here hating on Jake Paul for the sake of it even though he’s talked a bit of sh*t right, fair play to the man, but it’s what he’s doing, he is disrespecting the sport of boxing. He’s disrespecting all the people that worked their way up, but more importantly, he’s conning the fans. If Ryan Bourland is your next Uber driver, give him five stars and give him a good tip. Beating people that you know you can beat, that’s called being a bully.”

In an interview with Ariel Helwani after the match, Paul boldly called out multi-division champion Canelo Alvarez. Unsurprisingly, Bisping vehemently criticized the YouTuber and dismissed the idea that the Mexican boxing superstar would entertain Paul’s “freak show.”

Bisping scoffed, “He wants Canelo, this man’s legit. He wants the toughest test out there. No! he doesn’t! He’s calling out Canelo because he knows damn well that fight is not going to happen,” Bisping said. “Canelo Alvarez would not wipe his ass with a Jake Paul payday. He doesn’t want circus side show, freak show fight, okay? That’s what Jake Paul’s doing.”

Despite the backlash from Bisping and some boxing enthusiasts, Paul revels in yet another first-round victory over an established pro boxer. With his eyes set on Alvarez or a bout with genuine boxers, Paul’s win over Bourland propels his pro boxing record to an impressive 9-1.