Ben Askren would unretire for a rematch against Masvidal at UFC 300



Former mixed martial arts champion Ben Askren is known for his victories in ONE Championship and Bellator MMA. He has extended an unexpected offer to Jorge Masvidal for a rematch at UFC 300. This proposition comes in response to Masvidal’s recent claim of ending his eight-month retirement from combat sports.

Askren’s decision to step back from the MMA arena occurred in late 2019 following a submission defeat against Demian Maia, a former UFC title contender. The two competed in a  highly anticipated bout in Singapore.

Conversely, Masvidal is a former two-time welterweight title challenger and the first BMF champion. He ended his iconic in April after facing a string of losses. His fourth loss culminating in a unanimous decision loss to Gilbert Burns led him to retire from MMA.

Only eight months later, Masvidal said over the weekend that he had officially “unretired” from combat sports competition. This has ignited speculation regarding his potential return, possibly for a UFC comeback or a rematch in professional boxing against former opponent Nate Diaz.

In response to this, Askren has seized the opportunity to challenge his Iowa rival. He proposed a potential rematch at UFC 300 in April, reigniting their clash from UFC 239 in the summer of 2019.

During a recent interview with Daniel Cormier, Ben Askren expressed his readiness for the rematch.

He said: “I mean, probably because he (Jorge Masvidal) ain’t got no more money. That’s my best guess. People spend it. Mike Tyson spent $400,000,000.”

“Listen, if Dana (White) called me and said, ‘Ben, Jorge Masvidal, UFC 300,’ I don’t give a damn, I’m out of retirement. I’ll fight him, I don’t care. I suck at boxing. You guys all saw that. I’m not gonna fight him in boxing. What are you? Dumb?”

The potential rematch between these former opponents at UFC 300 could mark a significant turn in both combatants’ careers. The hypothetical bout has now made MMA enthusiasts curious about what will happen next.