Bas Rutten believes world’s worst self defense coach Dale Brown will get someone killed

Former UFC Heavyweight champion Bas Rutten does not approve of Dale Brown’s instructionals.

Dale Brown is a self-defense “expert” that became somewhat of a joke after his videos from his self-defense program D.U.S.T (Detroit Urban Survival Training) went viral.

The D.U.S.T. mastermind has become increasingly popular in the MMA community thanks to his meme worthiness . Brown has interacted with several UFC fighters and even a cornered UFC middleweight Joaquin Buckley.

But not everyone in the MMA community takes Brown’s work light-heartedly.

UFC Hall of Famer Bas Rutten has openly criticized Brown for his “inefficient” techniques.

Rutten believes that self-defense instructionals should be taken seriously, especially the ones that can be applied in a life or death scenario.

Brown’s videos are usually themed around “how to survive a gun or knife attack”, and according to Rutten, this could lead to something tragic happening if someone actually tries to implement D.U.S.T. technique in a real-life scenario.

On Monday’s episode of The MMA Hour, the former UFC champion had a lot to say about Brown.

“You see, guys like that get people killed because they give them a false sense of security,” Rutten said. Like that’s why I don’t teach self defense in my class. I always give this example. Imagine I teach someone a knife defense, knives are very dangerous to defend, almost worse than a gun. With a gun, if you’re close by you grab the barrel and you know what to do, its actually easier than a knife… So, imagine I teach a knife defense, and the person who has a friend gets in trouble and somebody pulled a knife. The person then goes ‘step back, I got it they just taught me in class’ but he is going to get stabbed to death. You see that’s the problem.”

“It’s the same thing with the gun defense. When someone [with a gun] is standing behind you and you grab it, it’s the dumbest thing ever. If there is no space between you all they have to is pull the gun and they will shoot you in your head. If someone is in front of me and there is a table in between, I’m not grabbing the gun, all he has to do it pull back.”

Coincidentally, Rutten used to have a self-defense program of his own. Rutten was once the star of a self-defense DVD entitled “Bas Rutten’s “Lethal Street Fighting” Self Defense System”. The video is done in a way more humorous tone as Rutten shares self-defense techniques inside of a pub.

“It’s amazing how stupid people are,” Rutten added. “But people are people they just believe whatever. It’s unfortunate and very dangerous.”