Bare knuckle boxer Decca Heggie arrested in the Philippines

Former professional boxer Decca Heggie had a troubled history and is now an actor.

Born in Carlisle in November 1983, Derek Heggie is of Scottish heritage. He initially making his mark as a bare-knuckle boxer. This is an intense form of combat, devoid of gloves or any protective gear.

Post his boxing career, Heggie started organizing matches among other contenders. He emphasizes, “We’re stopping what would be worse violence in some cases. We’re ‘fighters first’ because of that, the fighters get looked after because I know what it takes to step in there and do it.”

Beyond that, this former boxer turned his focus into podcasting and acting. Hosting the “Official All of Nothing Podcast,” Heggie engages with some of the world’s most notorious and controversial personalities.

Heggie has also opened up about his mental health struggles and grappling with d**g addiction. In 2018, he released his autobiography titled “Prizefighter – The Searing Autobiography of Britain’s Bareknuckle Boxing Champion.”

Heggie competed 15 times in the sport and was undefeated until he retired. However, he disclosed that his initial three matches were illegal.

Talking about those bouts, he told Vice, “One in the gangster’s back garden, then I went over to America and had two illegal fights out there — I won all of them. Bareknuckle is always linked to the underworld.”

Heggie was scheduled to be deported from the Philippines on December 2023 after the discovery of alleged evidence of a prior criminal record.

According to a UK source: “The material emerging from the Philippines does not tally with the detainee’s record in the UK. The Philippine Bureau of Immigration will regularly deport people they deem to be undesirable and Heggie possibly falls into this bracket.”

Heggie vehemently proclaimed his innocence and defended himself by asserting, “I’ve done nothing wrong. I will fight this to the end.”

Within the cinematic sphere, Heggie has etched his presence with roles in notable films. His credits include 2019’s ‘The Corrupted.’ The movie stars Sam Claflin, Timothy Spall, and Hugh Bonneville.

In addition, he made appearances in the films ‘My Name is Lenny’ (2017), ‘Twist’ (2021), and ‘Jagame Thandhiram’ (2021).

Additionally, Heggie made appearances in two 2020 ‘Bulletproof’ episodes that are available on Amazon.