Arnold Schwarzenegger impressed by MrBeast body transformation, offers to train together

Arnold Schwarzenegger has shown interest in lifting weights with MrBeast after the YouTube celebrity flaunted his incredible physique transformation while on a weight reduction quest.

Jimmy Donaldson (aka MrBeast) is currently the most subscribed channel on YouTube run by an individual content creator. He successfully beat Pewdiepie’s record in 2022.

MrBeast has embarked on a new endeavor recently—a weight loss journey. In a recent tweet, he candidly shared his health and fitness goals, revealing that he has been rigorously “lifting rigorously for ten months.” His dedication and hard work are aimed at transforming himself from being “obese to lean.”

However, the YouTuber decided to hold off on sharing any images of his development in order to keep them for the big reveal. A few weeks later on June 29, he surprised his fans by unveiling his astonishing before-and-after photos in a tweet that quickly went viral.

He wrote: “Woke up and realized I was obese, so I started lifting and walking 12,500 steps a day. Still got a long way to being yoked, but I’m happy with my progress so far.”

The remarkable journey of MrBeast caught the attention of none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger—a Hollywood star, bodybuilding champion, and former California governor. Schwarzenegger congratulated MrBeast on his progress and even extended a generous invitation to work out together.

Impressed by the transformation, Schwarzenegger responded to MrBeast’s tweet by saying: “Wow – fantastic work. Keep pumping and inspiring people! Let me know if you’re in LA and want to get a lift in.”

Thrilled by the opportunity to work out with Arnold Schwarzenegger, MrBeast wasted no time in expressing his excitement. In his response to the Hollywood star, he wrote: “Yo, that’d be awesome.”

This enthusiastic reply has left fans wondering if a collaboration video featuring MrBeast and Schwarzenegger is on the horizon.