Anthony Joshua shows off hand scars after he had to go through six guys on his own

In a candid revelation, former world heavyweight boxing champion Anthony Joshua recently shed light on a street altercation involving six opponents. The incident resulted in scars on his knuckles.

This gripping account surfaced during an exclusive interview with Louis Theroux. During the 45-minute program, Joshua delved into various aspects of his life. He talked about his upbringing, boxing career, and future aspirations.

In the opening segment, Theroux asks Joshua whether he may examine his hands. He then asks if these marks were a testament to years spent in the ring.

Pointing to one of the scars, Joshua affirms: “Well, this one is.”

As the conversation unfolds, Joshua candidly recounts his past skirmishes. He says: “You know, funny enough… I’m not a troublesome person, I’ll be honest with you – far from troublesome – but I used to get in fights, and my skin hasn’t healed too well.”

“So, this knuckle… I was going to get chicken one evening, and I ended up fighting six guys on my own. And that was just like massive – really good scrap. And I think this [one] is from the same time.”

Theroux ventures further, inquiring if the boxing icon ever caused significant harm to his adversaries and put them in a hospital. Joshua chuckles in response, “No, no, no, no. In a coffin. No, I’m joking!”

Joshua continues by talking about how his work is no longer “fun” and also discussed his early PED use.

The televised feature prominently highlights Joshua’s triumphant comeback in April, a points victory over Jermaine Franklin. This marked a pivotal moment for Joshua, following consecutive setbacks against the formidable Oleksandr Usyk.

Joshua has since claimed another decisive victory. He secured a knockout win against Finnish heavyweight Robert Helenius in a gripping August showdown.

Anthony Joshua’s journey from the unforgiving scenarios to the pinnacle of professional boxing stands as a testament to his resilience, fortitude, and unwavering commitment to his craft.