Andrew Tate goes snitching on himself: Leaked texts confirm ploy to keep women broke and stuck in Romania

In December of last year, far-right influencer Andrew Tate was arrested by Romanian authorities on suspicion of trafficking. The allegations against him and his brother Tristan involved the use of the “loverboy method” to lure women to their compound in Bucharest, under the pretense of forming relationships, only to force them into adult entertainment. Despite maintaining his innocence, newly leaked messages from Tate’s War Room network appear to paint a different picture.

The leaked texts, verified by sources close to the War Room and reported by Rolling Stone, show Tate seemingly boasting about manipulating one of his girlfriends into doing explicit work for him. This woman, listed as an alleged victim in the Romanian prosecutors’ case against Tate, has denied the mistreatment, but the messages suggest otherwise.

In the messages, Tate discusses his preferences for female partners, emphasizing loyalty and dependency. He also refers to other women as “targets” and “assets” to engage in online adult work. The leaked texts depict a disturbing process by which Tate appears to manipulate and coerce women, all while using these conversations as teaching examples for his followers in the War Room.

Tate’s arrest in Bucharest occurred after two women reported being lured to the compound and forced into explicit content creation for financial gain. However, the Tates have strongly denied these allegations.

The War Room, which Tate leads, is described as a social network and Telegram channel offering teachings on sex and masculinity. While some members claim it is merely a self-help community, others allege it served as a platform for coercing women into adult entertainment work.

The leaked messages were from a channel titled “War Room – PhD,” referring to Tate’s now-defunct “Pimpin’ Hoes Degree” program. In these texts dated from June 2021, Tate is seen outlining how he manipulated the woman into doing sex work, isolating her from her support networks and making her financially dependent on him.

Tate seemingly views consent as a challenge, using various tactics to convince women to engage in sex work. He frames the lack of consent as a learning experience for his followers, asking for feedback on how to pressure their partners into camming.


This is about the maximum difficulty that you experience in the business,” he writes. “If we all agree on that, I’ll give you a play by play of what I try.” He then solicits feedback from other War Room members, asking them what they would do to convince their partner to do sex work for them — “I would try a good cop bad cop ruse,” writes one person. “Act deeply hurt by her refusal. Flip it on her and get her to start feeling guilty or cry” — before Tate says he’ll be “making the play tonight” to get her to cam. 

“Since she moved [to Bucharest] she’s been fed. But nothing else,” he writes. “She’s broke. And she can’t go home. And she can’t leave the house. Man, I sound almost evil. But I’m not. I’m a Shephard. Leading the sheep. She doesn’t realize that following me makes life better for her.”

The leaked messages also reveal an elaborate ruse by which Tate convinces the woman to cam, manufacturing a fake conversation with his assistant Georgiana Nagel to further deceive her. The goal is to make her feel that she needs to work for him, further perpetuating her dependency.

In a screengrab of the fake conversation, Nagel asks of the woman, “Why doesn’t she work for me on OnlyFans she will make a lot of money?”

“I don’t want her to think that’s why she came to Bucharest,” Tate responds.

“Wtf you’re rich why would we need her for money?” Nagel responds with a smiley face. “She can work with me and make 3000 a month and live in Bucharest with you….she’s taking pics all the time and make no money, why can’t she sell them?”

Romanian prosecutors are investigating Tate for allegedly forcing the woman to create pornographic content for him. The woman has publicly denied being a victim, sparking controversy around the case.

In light of the leaked messages, Tate’s claims of innocence are under scrutiny. The War Room texts present a concerning and potentially incriminating view of the tactics used to coerce women into sex work. As the investigation unfolds, the public awaits further developments in this ongoing case.