Alistair Overeem is running for office, joined a Political party in Netherlands

Alistair Overeem is a renowned kickboxer and multiple-time world champion. He has officially called it quits on his MMA career. In an interview with Panorama magazine, the 43-year-old athlete revealed that he is ending his successful journey in combat sports.

Overeem is now set to embark on a new path in the political arena, as he joins the Dutch political party “Belang van Nederland” (BVNL) led by Wybren van Haga. In a tweet, van Haga expressed his pride in having the combat sports legend on board to fight for the future of the Netherlands alongside BVNL.

Overeem’s decision to retire follows a suspension by the kickboxing organization Glory, which banned him for twelve months in March due to a PED use violation. The suspension came after a positive test in November, following a victory against Badr Hari.

Despite his suspension, Overeem had challenged world champion Rico Verhoeven on the night of his win against Hari. However, the highly anticipated event never materialized, and a previously announced title bout against Verhoeven was also canceled due to Overeem’s back injury.

Apart from his sporting achievements, Overeem has made headlines for his criticism of the Dutch government’s response to the COVID-19 crisis. He asserted that the government’s measures during the pandemic were “not lawful, disproportionate, and without scientific basis.” He claimed that fundamental rights were violated on a large scale, although he did not provide further elaboration on these claims.

Overeem expressed particular concern about the restrictions on sports and exercise during the pandemic, asserting that these measures went too far, making it impossible for people in the Netherlands to engage in physical activities.

In addition to his retirement and political involvement, Overeem’s personal life has also garnered attention. He revealed that a lifestyle change, including a shift to a vegan diet, was prompted by advice from an eccentric nutritionist, Julian. According to Overeem, the change in dietary preferences was linked to the detoxification of his body and the elimination of parasites.

More recently, an interview featuring Overeem addressed his child’s gender-related struggles. Overeem shared that he is actively exploring various approaches to address the issue and support his child’s happiness.

Overeem’s transition from the ring to politics marks a significant change in his life, and his outspoken views and actions continue to captivate both sports and political enthusiasts alike.