Adin Ross wins $1,000 bet at UFC 287, immediately hands over money to staff in heartwarming gesture

Adin Ross is a popular American Twitch streamer and YouTuber. He is known for streaming a variety of games, including Grand Theft Auto V, NBA 2K, and Call of Duty. Adin Ross is also known for his collaborations with other content creators and his entertaining personality, which has earned him a large following on social media.

He’s been showing up to more and more UFC events ever since the brand has attempted to associate themselves with Nelk boys and other young stars that might skewer the demo younger.

YouTuber Adin Ross, who has made headlines for his recent betting at the UFC 287 event.

In a video posted to his channel, Adin Ross can be seen receiving $1,000 in winnings after placing a wager on Israel Adesanya to beat Alex Pereira in the main event match.

Despite his significant winnings, the YouTuber makes a kind gesture in the video. Ross instantly passed the cash to a nearby security staff member at the event rather than pocketing it.

The video also captures Ross meeting former US President Donald Trump and heavyweight boxing legend Mike Tyson. They were both cage-side with UFC President Dana White, watching the event.

Ross has often faced criticism for his social media content. Additionally, he has been banned from Twitch numerous times for various reasons. Despite this reputation, his UFC 287 video shows that Ross has redeeming qualities.

Additionally, Ross receives criticism for his relationship with another controversial social media star, Andrew Tate. Ross was one of the first influencers to back up Tate when he was arrested in Romania last December. He tweeted a plea to US President Joe Biden to pardon the former kickboxer.

Adin Ross was then revealed to be one of just five persons permitted to see Tate while he was in custody.

However, the Romanian authorities later denied Adin Ross access from seeing Tate.