Adin Ross lost $150k after Gervonta Davis knocked out Ryan Garcia

Controversial streamer Adin Ross recently made headlines as he lost a whopping $150,000 in a bet on Ryan Garcia against Gervonta “Tank” Davis at the “It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This” boxing event on April 23, 2023.

In a 45-second clip posted by Happy Punch, Ross can be seen expressing his displeasure with the situation, stating that he was “mad” and “going to freak out” because of the loss.

Ross, who has been indefinitely banned from Twitch, added that he would “smack the f**k” out of somebody and “shoot something” due to the frustration.

He also revealed that people were coming up to him and taunting him with their victory, which made him even more irate.

However, Ross did not give up hope and addressed Ryan Garcia, stating that he would recoup his losses. He called out those who bet on Gervonta Davis, stating that he was “chasing” and that he would get his money back.

The video clip quickly went viral, attracting over 102 reactions from Twitter users. Some people made fun of Ross’s loss, stating that he should have known better before putting such a large sum on a bet.

Others expressed sympathy for his situation, while some speculated that Ross must have lost more money while gambling.

Meanwhile, Ryan Garcia also spoke up about his loss to Gervonta Davis, stating that he had given his all and that the latter had caught him with a good body shot. He expressed hope for a stronger comeback and thanked his fans for their support.

Adin Ross’s viral video clip serves as a cautionary tale for anyone who wishes to place large bets on sporting events.

It is essential to research thoroughly and understand the risks involved before taking such actions. While Ross’s loss was significant, he remains optimistic and determined to recoup his losses.