Adesanya loses $20k Betting on Haney to beat Garcia

Prior to his bout with Devin Haney, Ryan Garcia encouraged boxing fans and the media to disregard his strange conduct. Many found it to be unfeasible, but Garcia proved his case last night. He ended up winning the match by majority decision after putting down Haney three times.

Garcia had the upper hand in the closing moments of the match thanks to several knockdowns. He also eventually won with scores of 112-112, 114-110, and 115-109.

As the 25-year-old hailing from California set his sights on redemption, there were lingering uncertainties about how he would perform. Amidst murmurs of skepticism, there were doubts over Garcia’s ability to outshine a multifaceted adversary like Haney. These apprehensions gained traction, particularly following Garcia missing weight during the weigh-in ceremony.

Critics like UFC luminary Gilbert Burns have been vocal in their disapproval of Garcia’s erratic demeanor, particularly his conduct at the weigh-ins. Additionally, former UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesanya remains unwavering in his conviction. He unequivocally backed Haney, even going as far as placing a substantial wager of $20,000 on the latter’s win.

Despite Adesanya’s confidence and a hefty wager placed on Devin Haney’s victory, fate dealt a surprising hand. Ryan Garcia emerged as the winner, defying the odds and clinching victory against his formidable adversary. It seems like Adesanya’s bold gamble backfired, culminating in a staggering loss of $40,600 in payout.

Not only did Adesanya think that Garcia would lose to Haney, but current WBC lightweight champion Shakur Stevenson also had the same belief.

The once-healthy rivalry between the Haney and Garcia took a dark turn as Garcia’s behavior started being more erractic. Though many have dismissed this as just a publicity stunt for the lightweight championship, Shakur Stevenson thinks otherwise.

The 26-year-old Southpaw even gave TMZ an exclusive and was direct and honest. He stated: “It seems like he’s more focused on selling the fight than actually working and making sure that he’s coming 100% ready for the fight. I don’t think it’s an act.”