“A Vindictive Tyrant” – How Dana White’s mother June describes him in unauthorised biography

UFC President Dana White is one of the most popular figures in the world. Unlike other head-of-organizations, White frequently participates in podcasts and discussion programs, which greatly increases his popularity. His segment ‘F**kIt Friday,’ is adored and watched by millions of Instagram users.

However, his mother June White may have a different perspective on the UFC president based on her experiences. In her 2011 book, “Dana White, King of MMA: Dana White an unauthorized biography,” she described how White’s personality and actions underwent a dramatic change as he experienced success.

June White lamented the loss of the “wonderful son” and “true friend” Dana White once was. She also emphasized how White has always had support from his friends and family in every circumstance. But she also lamented that after he had achieved success, White was too ungrateful to return their kindness.

She wrote, “Dana’s friends and family were always there to help and support him, no matter what the circumstances. As Dana’s success grew and the circumstances of life changed for him, he did not do the same for them.”

She further criticized White by writing, “Dana went from being a true friend, a good son, and a truly nice person to being a vindictive tyrant who lacks any feelings for how he treats others.”

June White’s sadness is understandable considering that she had to see her adored son go from being a “lovely person” to a tyrannical, cold-hearted person.

June White expressed her surprise over what was causing such a significant change in her son’s persona. She listed three factors, claiming that one of them was the reason for White’s deteriorating demeanor.

June White penned, “It’s hard to say if what changed him so utterly was the extreme amount of money he came into so quickly, the influence of those around him or how suddenly he could make or break so many people.”

She then wrote: “Power may create ugly beasts.”