52 Year Old Father Replaces Son in MMA Fight And Bites Opponent

Poland, Russia and Thailand seem to be emerging markets for publicity stunt branch of MMA promotions. The latest incident likely to go viral happened in Poland during Fame MMA 12.

The main event of the evening featured Arkadiusz Tarcieula and Jacek Murański. Muranski (52 years old) was there as a stand in for his own son.

However what might be even more shocking is that the fight ended via disqualification in Round 3 due to biting. Caposa’s twitter feed was kind enough to share video of the incident in question.

To make things even more bizarre the whole fight was taking place in a rectangular cage – substantially smaller than default for the sport of mixed martial arts. 9ft x 9ft cage or 2.74×2.74 meters if you prefer the metric system.