Zuckerberg invites UFC BMF Max Holloway to private poker table after incredible UFC 300 performance

Following Max Holloway’s incredible victory at UFC 300, there were some unexpected spots where the excitement spread. One of them was a private poker game that millionaire Mark Zuckerberg himself sponsored.

After his impressive knockout of Justin Gaethje, Holloway was in high spirits. Before he knew it, the Meta founder contacted him with a compelling proposal. Zuckerberg complimented him on his performance and offered him an invitation to his private poker table.

Zuckerberg said: “We going to a private poker room later, so if you are interested, feel like you wanna come hang out. I will text you.”

It was obvious that Max Holloway was taken aback, as he could only giggle in confusion. He had just finished five hard rounds of back-and-forth with one of the UFC’s most aggressive contenders. But he accepted the offer gracefully and thanked Zuckerberg for making it.

Although known primarily as the tech titan behind Meta, Mark Zuckerberg has an intense passion for combat sports. Having trained with renowned UFC stars like Israel Adesanya and Alexander Volkanovski, Zuckerberg’s presence at UFC events is not uncommon.

He even accompanied Volkanovski during his UFC 298 walkout. In addition, Zuckerberg won a silver medal in his first BJJ tournament.

Both Max Holloway and Justin Gaethje put on an amazing performance for the BMF championship. As the match reached its climax, cameras captured Zuckerberg’s surprised expression. Witnessing Holloway’s last-second knockout, Zuckerberg was swept away by the electrifying spectacle.

Zuckerberg was seen by the cameras with his hands on his head and his mouth open.  Even though Holloway was going to win by decision, in the last few seconds he challenged Gaethje to a hand-to-hand brawl.