Youtuber deconstructs how to survive a punch from Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson is a force to be reckoned with in the boxing world, having earned his place as one of the greatest heavyweight boxers of all time. With a 20-year career spanning from 1985 to 2005, Tyson won an impressive 37 consecutive matches, 33 of them by knockouts.

Despite only five boxers ever managing to defeat him in the ring, Tyson’s short fuse is well-known.

But fear not, as a YouTuber has recently shared some valuable advice on how to survive a punch from the legendary Iron Mike.

The first key piece of advice to follow when trying to survive a Mike Tyson punch is to keep your eyes open at all costs. Although your natural instinct may be to close your eyes when anticipating impact, doing so may actually increase the damage caused by the punch.

If you can see the punch coming, your body’s natural instincts have a better chance of reacting to the threat and minimizing the damage.

The second stage is to roll with the punch. Most people tend to take punches straight to the face, but turning your body in the same direction as the punch lands would reduce the impact of the blow.

18 year old Mike Tyson's 20 inch neck
18 year old Mike Tyson’s 20 inch neck

Additionally, tightening your neck muscles and pressing your tongue against the roof of your mouth would also help to lessen the damage.

As Tyson’s preferred method of attack was to land body shots, defending your abdominal region with your forearms and elbows would provide some protection to your vital organs.

It’s essential to keep your arms and elbows tight to your body to minimize the damage caused by the punch.

The next tip requires a little more preparation. Boxers have strong neck and trapezius muscles that help to support their head when taking blows. The more your head rocks around when punched, the greater the chance of concussion or blacking out.

Strengthening your neck muscles can reduce the chances of that and whiplash. You can perform exercises such as neck extensions, flexions, and lateral flexions to improve your neck muscle strength.

Perhaps the best piece of advice is to avoid Mike Tyson altogether. While he may be a nice guy, if you can’t resist the urge to ask him for a photo, it’s best to just stay well clear. Remember, prevention is better than cure.