Yoel Romero says the only man he fears is Francis Ngannou

In a recent interview, UFC fighter Yoel Romero admitted that the only fighter who truly strikes fear in him is heavyweight knockout artist Francis Ngannou. Known himself as one of the most intimidating and explosive fighters in the sport, Romero paid Ngannou perhaps the highest compliment possible by saying he is the sole man he fears stepping into the ring against.

“No, to fear him? No. Respect, respect for all the athletes,” Romero stated initially when asked if there were any fighters who impressed him or that he feared. However, he then made an exception for the fearsome Ngannou.

“I would fear fighting [Ngannou] in the ring. And not because of the size, size doesn’t matter. He has a devastating blow,” Romero explained.

The Cuban fighter broke down exactly why Ngannou’s punching power is so unique and terrifying. “At first I noticed that he was learning the sport as such. And when he hit he did it without technique. And now he has learned how to hit.”

Romero elaborated, “Now he has the technique plus power to hit. Now he really has a huge problem. He knows how to use the talent that God gave him. He has a tremendous strength. And he knows how to channel that energy.”

While many fighters possess immense punching power from their physicality and athleticism alone, Romero argues it’s Ngannou’s refined technique married with his innate gifts that make him truly special. “It’s not the same to hit with the knees, with small gloves, or with big gloves. And also with the bare hands. Now he has shown the world that he can hit with big gloves.”

Despite being arguably the most explosive fighter in UFC history himself, Romero clearly has an extremely healthy respect for Ngannou’s fight-ending power. He may very well be the only fighter Romero has outright stated he fears stepping into the cage with.