Xu Xiaodong Disowns Friend After Extreme Unsportsmanlike Conduct

Japanese professional boxer and former WBO flyweight world champion Sho Kimura  was involved in a cross-border exhibition fight under the boxing rules in Wuhan, China recently.

Sho Kimura was kicked and taken down with a wrestling move by Chinese web celebrity fighter Xuan Wu. After Kimura got thrown, face down on the mat by a single-leg shot from Xuan Wu, Kimura’s corner rushed to the ring and threw in the towel. After that Xuan Wu was declared the winner. This has caused a great deal of controversy in both China and Japan’s martial art communities.

Xuan Wu is an old friend of Xu Xiaodong, a Chinese fighter who goes around fighting self-proclaimed ‘masters’. He became popular after exposing fake fighters by challenging and fighting practitioners of traditional martial arts.

Xu Xiaodong  felt greatly disappointed by the lack of sportsmanship Xuan Wu showcased against Kimura. Xu Xiaodong posted a video announcing that he is no longer a friend of Xuan Wu.

Xiaodong hilariously showed his phone to the camera and deleted Xuan Wu’s contact. He also unfollowed Xuan Wu’s social media accounts.

“I, Xu Xiaodong, from this day onwards, Xuan Wu, I cut you off. Deleted you. Not checking his posts ever again. Delete.” said Xu Xiaodong in a short video.

Xu Xiaodong is doing good business by fighting self-proclaimed tai chi masters and entertaining the audience. In November 2019, an Iron Palm master threatened to break his arm in a fight but apologized and backed down after Xu accepted and suggested putting 200,000 yuan on the outcome.

In December last year, Xiaodong defeated Chen Yong, a tai chi master who had challenged him in 2018, in only 10 seconds. This unique entertainment gave him global attention and overnight celebrity status.