WWE star trolls Andrew Tate after controversial influencer’s ‘cockroach cell’ claims

WWE star Rhea Ripley made fun of controversial influencer Andrew Tate. She trolled Tate who updated his situation while in detainment.

Andrew Tate rose to huge fame last year, especially among the younger audience. The former professional kickboxer made headlines over his statements regarding gender, women, business, and class. He uses his controversial takes and toxic masculinity to gain clout and followers. The British-American is also a successful businessman in his home country Romania.

Currently, Andrew Tate is in detainment along with his brother Tristan and two other friends. They were accused of doing serious crimes, such as money laundering, forming a criminal group, and even human trafficking.

They are still under investigation as of now with much evidence and testimony strengthening the accusation. In the detainment, Tate is seemingly given access to his smartphone. The 36-year-old regularly updated his situation on Twitter, his most active social media. He explained his situation in prison in a quite dramatic fashion.

“They’re trying to break me,” Tate said on Twitter, adding that he has been “thrown inside a cell without light”

He added, “When the guards bring me to and from the courtroom, I stay absolutely respectful. They try to pour hatred into my heart”

Rhea Ripley chimed in on Twitter to troll Tate. The former Raw women’s champion said that Tate fits in that dark and filthy place.

“He fits in perfectly then.” Ripley wrote.


Tate continued being active on Twitter. Though, it is unclear whether it’s actually him or someone writing on behalf of himself. In the more recent Tweet he asked fans to send him prayers and said that he will resolve the problem.

“In the darkened silence of solitary confinement there is almost no noise. Pray for me, I can hear you. Everything bad happens at once. That’s how life works. Be prepared. Enjoy the storm. Sing in the rain. Look forward to the rainbow.” Tate wrote.