Worst octagon interview ever? Daniel Cormier dodges Nuerdanbieke’s request for the microphone awkwardly

The octagon has seen a lot of strange interviews over the years. The combination of adrenaline and an emotionally charged situation can produce some funny results.

This time, fans were bemused at the ineptness Daniel Cormier showcased interviewing in the cage.

At UFC 64 in Las Vegas, he did the latter, triggering a perplexing exchange. A fan recorded the incident and posted it online for everyone to see.

Shayilan Nuerdanbieke and Darrick Minner competed in a historic featherweight bout at the event. Unbeknownst to the commentators, the match would become embroiled in controversy once it was revealed that the betting line had moved so drastically, indicating someone from Minner’s camp leaked about his knee injury.

DC approached the ring. He inquired about the performance and Nuerdanbieke current three-win streak. DC had his questions addressed by Nuerdanbieke through a translator.

After DC had finished asking questions, however, Nuerdanbieke tried to snatch the microphone. He wanted to speak without the aid of a translator. At that very moment, DC started to dodge awkwardly away from Nuerdanbieke.

Daniel leaned down to explain why he couldn’t hand over the mic after Yilan pawed around for a while. Yilan seemed to grasp his explanation.

Even while nobody heard DC’s actual words to Yilan, most of us have a very decent estimate. It’s likely that DC only wished to keep things on schedule. But the way he went about it produced an awkward moment at UFC Vegas 64.