What life endangering skin condition does wrestler Peyton Robb have?

Peyton Robb is a rising wrestling star from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He is currently facing one of the toughest challenges of his life. In mid-March, he was diagnosed with necrotizing fasciitis, a rare and life-threatening bacterial infection that affects the skin and soft tissue.

The Diagnosis and Treatment of Necrotizing Fasciitis

Robb’s condition quickly worsened and led to sepsis in his blood. Further testing showed that he also had blood clots in his lungs. He was immediately rushed to the hospital, where he underwent multiple surgeries to remove the dead tissue from his leg.

Necrotizing fasciitis is an extremely rare condition that affects only a few hundred people in the United States. Unfortunately, even with prompt treatment, one in five people do not survive. Despite the odds, Robb has remained strong and resilient throughout the ordeal.

The Road to Recovery

Robb has been in the hospital since his diagnosis and will continue to stay there until his white blood count returns to normal.

The 23-year-old athlete has already undergone several surgeries, but he is scheduled for one more in hopes that it will be the last. His journey to recovery has been long and painful, but his positive attitude and fighting spirit have been an inspiration to many.

The Support from the Community

To help with the cost of his medical bills, a fundraiser has been set up for Peyton Robb. The GoFundMe page has already raised over $25,000, and the support from the community has been overwhelming. His teammates, coaches, and athletic trainers have all visited him in the hospital to offer their support.

As per his own account:

Peyton Robb noticed a large bruise on his shin during the NCAA Championships. He later found out that he had strep cellulitis, a bacterial infection on the bruise. Peyton was admitted to the hospital when he started vomiting and shaking uncontrollably.

The infection led to sepsis in his blood and blood clots in his lungs. Over several days, Peyton received treatment for the bacterial infection and underwent several surgeries to remove necrotic tissue from his leg due to necrotizing fasciitis.

He was transferred to another hospital for better pain management and continued surgeries. Peyton’s blood markers started to improve and he regained his appetite. Peyton will remain in the hospital until his white blood count returns to normal.

Peyton Robb: A Rising Wrestling Star

Before his diagnosis, Peyton Robb was already making waves in the wrestling community. He began his career at a young age in Owatonna, Minnesota, and his dedication to the sport has taken him to new heights. Robb is recognized as one of the top wrestlers in the country and has already made a name for himself at UNL.

During his freshman year, Robb finished with a 16-10 record and was the only Husker to place at the Big Ten Championships. In his sophomore season, he earned All-American honors by placing eighth at the NCAA Championships. He finished the season with a 16-5 record and was one of the team’s most consistent performers.

Wrestler turned Bellator pro, Pat Downey also had Necrotizing Fasciitis


Pat Downey is on the mend, but he has been released by Bellator recently.