Volkanovski On Cain Velasquez Arrest: “You can’t treat this as just a crazy act of madness”

UFC featherweight champion Alexander ‘The Great’ Volkanovski thinks Cain Velasquez is paying a way too high of a price for his recent vigilantism.

Former UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez was arrested for shooting at an alleged molester of an underaged family member. Velasquez  rammed his truck and aimed for Harry Goularte (who is charged with abusing the relative) but missed and shot his stepfather instead. Velasquez was then arrested and received a number of charges. Subsequently, he was denied bail by Judge Shelyna Brown because she considered him a threat to public safety.

Many renowned names from the UFC have rallied to support the veteran some. ‘Free Cain’ became a hashtag across social media and some fighters have done their best to help Velasquez family’s finances.

Talking about the recently denied bail, Alexander Volkanovski couldn’t help but think that the law is ridiculous in this case.  During an interview with MMA News, the 33-year-old Australian said Velasquez is paying a crazy price for his action.


“Yeah, it is unfortunate. You see some people doing s–t like that and they almost get [just] a slap on the wrist. And then you see someone like that, who in the heat of the moment, you can see the emotions that would’ve been involved in something like that.” Volkanovski said.

“Then he’s gonna be paying a crazy price, when these other guys get a slap on the wrist, which is just complete bullshit. Obviously, someone’s not gonna be thinking completely straight when some shit like that happens.” Volkanovski added.

Volkanovski also condemned the judge’s decision for not considering what might have happened to Velasquez during the incident.

“You can’t treat this as just a crazy act of madness. Let’s be real. He would’ve been emotionally unstable in that situation. That has to come into play, especially when your kid is involved. I’m hoping he doesn’t get in too much trouble for it. I don’t know. The law can be pretty messed up sometimes.” Volkanovski added.

Alexander Volkanovski is set to defend his title for the third time against Jung Chan-sung aka The Korean Zombie on April 10. The two will serve as the main event at UFC 273. Since joining the UFC in 2016, Volkanovski hasn’t lost a single bout. Thus far, he has a record consisting of 23 wins and 1 loss.