Vivek: “Lia Thomas is a female swimmer in the same way that Greg Gutfeld is a black comedian.”

Vivek Ramaswamy, a potential 2024 Republican presidential candidate, has weighed in on the controversial case of Lia Thomas, the transgender woman who competed on the University of Pennsylvania women’s swimming team.

In an interview, Ramaswamy made an analogy comparing Thomas’ status as a transgender woman to if the conservative commentator Greg Gutfeld tried to claim he was Black. “Let’s say you [Gutfeld] started claiming to be Black. Started wearing dreadlocks. Claimed to be a diverse late night edition to late night television,” Ramaswamy said. “A lot of Black people would find that offensive. Whoopi Goldberg would be on The View tomorrow morning calling you a racist.”

He continued, “It’s equally offensive when Lia Thomas puts on some lipstick and has a boob job and claims to be a woman when a bunch of women competing in swimming and competing in athletics find that offensive as well.”

Ramaswamy took a firm stance that biological sex is binary based on chromosomes, stating, “If you have two X chromosomes, you’re a woman. If you have an X and a Y, you’re a man, period.” He challenged anyone to present a compelling counterargument.

The tech entrepreneur criticized the idea that gender identity is fluid, saying “they used to say the sex of the person you’re attracted to is hardwired on the day you’re born. Well, now people say your own biological sex is totally fluid over your life. It doesn’t make sense. And we just got to be done with the nonsense.”

Ramaswamy’s comments reflect his consistent conservative views on transgender athletes competing in women’s sports, which has become a contentious political issue.

His funny analogy equating Thomas with a White comedian pretending to be Black seems very poignant.

This is especially funny considering Trans athletes were given directives to try and tie their struggles to historic cases of racism to make the inclusion more palatable for those who are more open to it.

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