(Vido) Floyd Mayweather breaks down during interview, mourns friend’s passing

Floyd Mayweather may have remained undefeated in his iconic boxing career, but the undefeated champion faced an overwhelming loss outside the ring that left an huge mark on his life.

In a recent and deeply personal interview with The Pivot Podcast, Floyd Mayweather opened up about the profound impact of losing his personal assistant Marikit ‘Kitchie’ Laurico. Though less than a year has passed since her departure, the pain still lingers. Its clear that Mayweather still misses his friend.

When probed about the losses of loved ones and their impact, the 46-year-old initially shied away. He stated, “We don’t wanna talk about that.”

However, he gathered himself and said: “we’re gonna get through this.” A single tear traced its path down Floyd’s left cheek as he delved into memories of his dearest friend, Kitchie. This unexpected passing in March 2023 left an irreplaceable void.

In the emotional interview, Mayweather revealed a side rarely seen by the public. Kitchie was not merely a personal assistant but a confidante who knew the champion on a profound level. “People really wouldn’t understand that people like your drivers and your assistants are your best friend,” Mayweather expressed to Pivot hosts Ryan Clark and Channing Crowder.

“Kitchie was the only person in life that I could talk about anything to. That knew my deepest secrets,” Mayweather admitted. His reflections show the challenges of fame and highlights the difficulty of establishing trust, even with close family members and partners. Mayweather’s assistant was a constant presence in his daily life, serving as a sanctuary for the 15-time world champion.

The emotional depth of the interview surprised fans who had grown accustomed to Mayweather’s cocky demeanor and flamboyant displays of wealth.

On Twitter/X, a user expressed, “First time seeing Floyd this vulnerable.” Another fan echoed the sentiment, commenting: “Need more raw content like this instead of everyone trying to be a fake gangsta.”