(Video) 46 Year Old Boxer Injures Himself Trying to Throw a Punch Against Decade Younger Opponent

An unexpected accident marred an intriguing heavyweight boxing match in Sokode, Togo last weekend. In the clash for the WABA Supreme Africa heavyweight title at the Gala de Boxe de L’Independance event on April 27th, 46-year-old Ayaovi Agbonson suffered a self-inflicted injury that brought a premature end to his bout against 35-year-old Ebenezer Tetteh.

The two fighters came out firing in an intense back-and-forth battle. However, the tide turned suddenly in the 5th round when Agbonson attempted to unload a big right hand at his younger opponent. The momentum from his punch caused Agbonson to lose his balance and slip, crashing awkwardly onto the canvas and injuring his shoulder on impact.

Writhing in pain on the mat, it was clear Agbonson could not continue. The referee had no choice but to wave off the fight, awarding Tetteh a 5th round technical knockout victory and the WABA Supreme Africa heavyweight championship.

With the win, Tetteh’s professional record improves to an impressive 23-1. Agbonson, over a decade his senior at 46 years old, falls to 5-2 with the injury loss. While certainly an unfortunate way for the fight to end, freak accidents like this are an unfortunate risk in combat sports like boxing given the intense physical toll.

The athletic disparity between the two fighters likely played a role. At 46, Agbonson was giving up just over 10 years to the 35-year-old Tetteh. While competitive with a 5-1 record entering the bout, the considerable age gap made an untimely injury perhaps more likely for the elder Agbonson against his younger, fresher opponent.