(Video) Self-proclaimed ‘Best Bareknuckle Boxer In The World’ Gets A Reality Check From a ex UFC star

Issuing challenges to former UFC stars tends to not end well, just ask Chael Sonnen. This is a lesson that the self-proclaimed “best bareknuckle boxer” had to learn the hard way. Earlier this month, the young man walked into the gym of former UFC star Joe Riggs and issued a challenge.

 A “dojo storm” is a term used to describe an unauthorized pop in, into a martial arts school or gym. It typically involves one or more individuals challenging the instructors or students to a round of sparring in an attempt to prove their own martial arts prowess or to discredit the school or style.

The term originated in the 1980s and has since been used to describe various forms of challenges towards martial arts schools or practitioners, both online and offline. It is generally considered unethical and illegal behavior, as it can cause harm and damage to property, and often leads to legal consequences for those involved.

According to Riggs, the individual had been trash-talking for days on end. This didn’t sit right with Riggs, as he is currently under contract with Bare Knuckle FC.

The challenge provoked Riggs into letting the younger man prove himself. In order to test his skills, a sparring session was proposed. However, things didn’t go as planned for the confident youngster.

In just two minutes, Riggs knocked down the younger man a total of seven times. The first heavy blow came just seven seconds into the sparring session.

Riggs made sure to share his thoughts on the outcome: “When boys come to play with men. This guy came in day after day talking s**tt, saying he’s the best bareknuckle boxer in the world. We wanted to give him a taste of what he was asking for.”


Joe Riggs has an MMA record consisting of eight wins, one loss, and one no contest. He has had much success in bare-knuckle boxing, having competed six times and lost only one of those. His most recent victory was against Melvin Guillard in less than a minute back in October.


This incident serves as a reminder that respecting one’s opponents is essential, both inside and outside the ring. While confidence is important, it’s equally important to remain humble and respectful of one’s competitors. In the case of the “best bareknuckle boxer,” his arrogance led to a humbling experience.