(Video) YouTuber punches female referee while she tries to stop action in his boxing debut

Popular YouTube personality Christopher Raymond Maldonado, better known as Chris Ray Gun, made his debut in the Creator Clash charity boxing tournament. However, the bout did not go as planned for the influencer.

In a surprising turn of events, Chris Ray Gun ended up accidentally punching the referee while she was trying to stop the bout during his first appearance.

Originally, Chris Ray Gun was scheduled to box YouTube rival Froggy Fresh. However, the talks broke down, and William Haynes was brought in as a late replacement. The influencer’s boxing skills were no match for Haynes’ significant size advantage, as he was pushed throughout the bout, eventually leading to a second-round stoppage.

Haynes delivered a series of powerful shots, with Chris Ray Gun struggling to respond. The female referee stepped in to take a closer look, and eventually decided to stop the action to prevent Chris Ray Gun from sustaining further damage. However, the YouTube star continued to try and trade with his opponent, resulting in him landing a punch on the back of the official’s head.

Fortunately, the female referee was not significantly injured, and the bout ended in defeat for the debutant. Despite the disappointment, Chris Ray Gun will undoubtedly learn from this experience and come back stronger in his next bout.

The Creator Clash 2 charity boxing tournament featured a full card, including iDubbbz vs Alex Wassabi. The night was packed with action, and the main event saw Alex Wassabi emerge as the victor with a split decision win over tournament host iDubbbz.

42-year-old social media star ‘Dad’ also picked up his second win in the latest instalment of the show. After stunning fans with a run-and-dive entrance into the ring, he put in another statement performance and is now eyeing a future in the WWE.