(Video) YouTuber knocked out and left face down on the canvas

Youtube star and social media mogul Alberto Frati got knocked out of cold during a boxing match. Frati boxed a below-average boxer this Saturday. The bout was live streamed on Frati’s youtube channel.

Italian social media star Alberto Frati has been running a youtube channel  since 2018. He followed the path of celebrities who jumped into the boxing ring. His first outing was back in 2019 against a journeyman Michael Isaac Carrero. That time Frati was able to win. The bout was fully sanctioned and considered a professional match.

Recently, Frati picked on another journeyman who had no victories in his professional boxing career. He chose Stefan Markovic who had a 0-13 score before the match began.

The two had gone back and forth until the 6th round. In the 6th, Markovic brutally knocked out Frati and left him face down on the canvas. Markovic delivered a swift right hand that connected to Frati’s face. Frati was unconscious for a bit after the impact and was flat on the canvas.

He managed to get back on his feet and continued. The bout went the distance but Markovic was announced as the winner via unanimous decision. He won most of the rounds and finally earned his first victory.

Stefan Markovic has been competing inside the ring since 2018. He lost 1 time this year, and five times in 2021. Before this bout with Frati, he had been stopped seven times.