(Video) YouTube prankster’s airport prank backfires, leads to knife incident

Pranks continue to be one of the most popular content categories on Youtube. There are many Youtubers who became stars thanks to their prank videos.

However, these jokesters have received a lot of flack over the years. Mostly for pulling fake pranks, or for their outrageous behavior.

In the case of Nas Ebk, the latter is true since he reacted very badly when his prank wasn’t received well.

Nas is a Youtube prankster and an NYC drill rapper. He teamed up with YouTuber Noticuz to pull pranks at an airport. The two went to random people and claimed their baggage to film their reactions.

They went to a couple who looked to be on their way to their flight. They tried the same prank on them but things didn’t go according to plan. They got uncomfortable and started walking away. They also didn’t recognize the duo, which angered Nas.

He broke character, telling them that it was a prank and that they should google him. He also threatened to jump the man.

“We joking bro, it’s a joke… google me n* I’ll beat you up, stop playing with me.”

Nas also pulled out a blade and threatened to cut open the man’s face.

“What? I’ll stab you right now. How you feeling? How you feeling? What? You think you tough bro? “I’ll stab your face right now, what, look, what you trying to do? Stop playing with me. I’ll cut your face open n*.”

His partner Noticuz tried his best to calm him down and prevent any sort of physicality. However, Nas continued to threaten the couple who just left the scene.

Many are slamming the social media personality for his actions and are calling for his cancellation.

Nas has almost thirty-three thousand subscribers on Youtube and is more famous on other social media platforms. Meanwhile, his companion Noticuz is a more reputable prankster who has almost half a million subs on his main channel.