(Video) YouTube boxer tries to quit boxing bout by asking referee

Graham Stephan, a financial YouTuber, was taken aback by programmer Michael Reeves’ surprise boxing talents. He seemed to urge the referee to intervene while he was being punished in the corner.

Last night at the Creator Clash, YouTube sensation Michael Reeves astonished fans with a fantastic second-round TKO win against financial influencer Graham Stephan.

The social media pair fought in iDubbbz’s charity boxing event. The event included online stars from YouTube, Twitch, and TikTok fighting for the first time.

Reeves and Stephan were anticipated to struggle after getting little preparation. However, they put up a good bout throughout the course of their two rounds.

Fans were pleased by Reeves’ technical abilities, but Stephan likely won the first round with heavy-handed blows that seemed to harm the 24-year-old.

Reeves battled through, encouraged by a rowdy Florida audience that was completely behind him the whole time. He demonstrated everything he had learned during a brief training camp.

After a grueling second round, he took control, dominating the exchanges and working Stephan into the corner.

The older YouTuber took a glance at the referee at that point. He signaled that he didn’t want to continue.

The referee welcomed his gesture and chose to intervene, giving Reeves a TKO win in his boxing debut. He later said that he wasn’t initially fond of boxing and was looking forward to returning to his YouTube channel.

In his post-fight interview in the ring, he remarked,

“Ignoring responsibilities, that was tough. That’s tough but I did it and maybe now I can make YouTube videos, that’ll be cool.”

“I was working on one for this, I did one to help me train. It’ll come out on Sunday.”

“When they announced me [fighting on the event] I was like ‘no’ in my head, but then I thought back to sixth grade watching iDubbbz and I was like that’s too surreal of a moment. I just blurted out yes.”

Only two of the nine bouts on the main card of the Creator Clash went to the judges. There was a succession of dramatic finishes delighting a sold-out audience in Tampa.

iDubbbz was unable to defeat Doctor Mike in the main event. However, he has said that he is delighted with the event, which he promoted with his wife, Anisa Jomha.