(Video) WTH? Boxing trainer takes phone call in between rounds

After being seen on video taking a phone call in between rounds, a boxing trainer sent fans into a frenzy.

The coach was in the corner of Polish boxer Konrad Czajkowski. He faced off against English light-welterweight prospect Owen Rees on Saturday night in a recent boxing match in Newcastle.

The coach showcased impressive multitasking skills, offering water to the boxer with one hand while engaged in a phone call with the other. Caught on camera, this peculiar practice left fans in hysterics, prompting discussions about the appropriateness of such actions in the boxing ring.

Interestingly, there are currently no regulations under the British Boxing Board of Control guidelines explicitly prohibiting this.

Czajkowski’s match ended in the fifth round, resulting in a 2-2-1 professional record. On the other hand, Rees improved to 2-0 after a victorious debut earlier in the summer.

Fans and observers took to social media to share their thoughts on the unconventional coaching moment.

One user humorously commented, “Hahahahaa emergency call.”

Another wrote, “When you are fighting and RMF FM calls and you can win a Nelly Furtado album.”

A third user expressed concern, stating: “How can the corner man even consider taking that call I’d like to know it was important.”

Olympic gold medalist Audley Harrison weighed in on the matter, expressing disapproval of the coach’s actions. He said: “That’s crazy – fighters, I don’t care who your coach is – do not accept that kind of work environment. A professional coach wouldn’t even think to bring their phone in the corner like that, so this coach needs some schooling on being professional on fight night.”

In the main event of the night, top prospect Shabaz Masoud secured a split-decision victory against Jose Sanmartin. However, the performance left much to be desired, with promoter Eddie Hearn openly admitting Masoud did not look great.

Hearn stated: “If we’re talking about Shabaz Masoud as a world championship contender, miles off the pace, miles off the pace tonight. We’re talking about a guy that looked like a British title, European title fighter. Not someone that looked special enough to win a world title. We know he’s got the ability to do it, but tonight wasn’t good enough.”