UFC’s Sean Strickland roasts NFL’s Micah Parsons for losing to a Sumo Wrestler: I’d beat them both

Another day, another call-out from Sean Strickland. This time, the unfortunate person is NFL linebacker Micah Parsons.

Parsons made the decision to challenge a Sumo wrestler when he was in Tokyo. Upon seeing the footage, Strickland (who was completely unrelated to any of this) called them both out.

Once in answer to a query about the rivalry between Strickland and Machine Gun Kelly, Dana White said that the former middleweight champion of the UFC shouldn’t be among people. It seems like this is exactly why.

Recently, boxers and social media stars have been called out by Sean Strickland. However, he has never before called out an NFL player. Originally, the UFC contender was looking for advice on how to go to Japan. When he came across Micah Parsons’ video while doing research, he responded to it by stating.

“Where is this?? Bro idk who Micah Parsons is but I’d take that man’s soul and feed it to that sumo wrestler then suplex the sumo wrestler… Where is this?!?!”

According to Sean Strickland, he has no idea who Micah Parsons is. Nevertheless, he is certain that he can defeat the NFL player and then suplex a sumo wrestler. This will never happen, of course.

Although Strickland shows confidence, Sumo wrestling is a very different sport. The smallest weight class for Japanese competitors require them to weigh at least 187 pounds. A non-wrestling audience may find the sport humorous, yet sumo wrestlers are very athletic and skilled competitors.

It seems that Strickland’s girlfriend had a desire to visit Japan. Strickland made a request to his followers to arrange a Sumo wrestling match.

Witnessing Sean Stickland in Japan will be an amazing sight. In addition to facing a sumo wrestler, he is also interested in competing against a ninja or samurai. If he were to go up in weight class and battle Jiri Procházka, it would be his most realistic chance to face a Samurai.